Water contamination in Texas

This morning NPR was reporting┬áthat residents in Corpus Christi, Texas, received a warning not to use their tap water due to contamination by an unknown chemical. An “oil-based petroleum chemical” involving a refinery is suspected.


Pipeline Protest in Texas

Last week, two people chained themselves to the entrance of an Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) pipeline-construction site in Alpine, Texas, the same company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline in running through Texas, called the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, will transport natural gas into Mexico. Opponents have fought the Trans-Pecos for the past two years.

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The action, inspired in part by the protest at Standing Rock, illustrates the diverse array of social and environmental conflicts along the existing and expanding network of pipeline infrastructure in the United States.


Opponent of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. (Sasha von Oldershausen/The Nation)